Kangaroo Digital, is a graphic design and website development studio which was launched in 2008. Kangaroo Digital is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. At Kangaroo Digital, our primary focus is our professional approach and our attention to detail. We undertake to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Our aim is to provide a tailor-made solution for our clients, focusing on quality of service and on-deadline delivery of products, irrespective of the complexity or simplicity of the clients’ needs. We enjoy collaborating with various role players within the industry and together, we deliver a full spectrum service.  Collaboration is the future of business. Each role player brings his or her expertise to the table and, as a group, we find the best multifaceted solutions for our client.  The good news is that the client only pays for the expertise of the individual with whom they have contracted to do the work.  This collaboration ensures constant fresh and new ideas, offering expansive problem-solving solutions.  Collaboration ensures the success and growth of many diverse businesses. Some of these role players may include photographers, copywriters, translators, PR and marketing professionals. Kangaroo Digital has become known for its innovative and fresh approach to corporate identity design, regardless of the form it should take. At Kangaroo Digital, one of the platforms we use is WordPress software. The WordPress global community is enormous and it has a myriad of custom plugins to suit all types of businesses.  For example, ecommerce, management of estate agencies, modelling agencies, and so on.  Our collective expertise, together with our skills, allows us to fulfil our clients’ needs, and to create a site that is both original and eye-catching. Contact us now!