1. The client., their photographer or their copywriter (hereinafter referred to collectively as “the Client”) will provide all images, PDF documents, copy and materials necessary to create the designs and populate content for all sections of the new website or other designs ("the Artwork")
  2. Material to be provided in the following formats:
    • Logos: Vector formats ONLY (.eps, .ai, ,pdf or .cdr files). In some cases, we could use a high resolution .png file with a transparent background. Logos supplied in a Word or PowerPoint document are NOT accepted. If you do not have your logo as a vector, Kangaroo Digital will redraw your logo into an acceptable format at an additional cost
    • Images for web: RGB .jpg images in medium resolution (max height 1080px, max width 1920px)
    • Images for print: CMYK .jpg images in high resolution
    • Copy to be supplied in plain text in the body of an email or in a Word document
  3. If there are no suitable images available, Kangaroo Digital will, after consultation with the Client, purchase stock images for use on the site at an additional cost.
  4. Should the Client fail to provide us with the necessary information within a period of three weeks after the confirmed order and acceptance of the designs, the full amount will become due and payable. We will complete the sections quoted on at the delivery times mentioned below, after delivery of said material
  5. Delivery conditions:
    • Delivery time for design work: 14 working days from the time of confirmed order, supply of materials required and deposit
    • All electronic work, like email signatures and website updates are supplied electronically by email or are uploaded to your webserver
  6. Payment terms:
    • Design work: 50% with order, the balance immediately on delivery or upload
    • Payment by electronic transfer or cash only
  7. Prices quoted are for design work only, and excludes all printing, hosting and domain registration costs
  8. When you opt to use your own service provider for hosting your website, we require your website host to:
    • Run an Apache web server with the mod_rewrite module active
    • Run php version 5.2.4 or higher, with GD Libraries installed
    • Run MySQL 5.0 or higher
    • Create a single MySQL database to use as the backend of your website
    • Send us the database name, username, full access password and host address (if different from 'localhost') of the database
    • Provide us with root FTP access to your domain
    • If the Client requires Kangaroo Digital to arrange the necessary with their hosting provider, additional costs may apply. Please see Dealing with third party ISPs for more details on these costs
  9. We reserve the right to display all or any of our work on our portfolio website. We also place a small, unobtrusive text-link back to our website on yours
  10. The Client warrants that they have obtained have the necessary permission to use all third party logos and photographs
  11. Cost estimates are valid for 14 days only and is based on layouts and/or our understanding of the brief provided. Any changes in job specifications may render this estimate invalid and a revised estimate will be issued
  12. No work will proceed until a formal order and deposit is received
  13. Clients are responsible to instruct their website hosting provider to assist them with backups. Kangaroo Digital does guarantee to keep any backup of any site, unless specifically agreed to otherwise.